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    ... is used to model every project PRECISELY as it will be constructed, from foundation to roof. Every element of the design is modeled in three dimensions, not drafted with lines or drafting symbols.



    • Model photo realistic materials (colors, textures)
    • Ability to View 3-D Model to provide feedback
    • ASSURANCE that the design through and through is of the highest standards
    • ABILITY to review spatial aesthetics, sight lines, your finish selections, energy performance, constructability (especially important complex roof designs and wall geometries).
    • ALLOWS clients to quickly explore, evaluate multiple finish choices..
    • Obtain ACCURATE material quantity take-offs
    • Quickly EXPLORE design modifications, putting custom design within reach of consumers once limited to stock house plan purchases.


    UNDERSTAND the design and the construction (we can call on unlimited detail and perspective views). Volumes, geometries, R-values of all building components are modeled and placed at precise orientation and on your specific lot location.

    EVALUATE energy savings with increased quality components.


    Your project is modeled PRECISELY as constructed from foundation to roof.  Every element of your building is constructed in three dimensions, lines are no longer representations, a wall systems consists of clapboards or shingles or bricks, air infiltration barriers, plywood sheathing, 2 x 6 wood stud, ½” gypsum board finish painted and so on for every element – roof, floors, foundations.  Windows and other critical elements are assigned performance values, manufacturer’s exact unit and rough opening sizes, grid alignment, operability etc.  It allows the contractor to sharpen his or her pencil - to verify constructability, rely on accurate material take-offs all generated by this sophisticated software.